Hiking report

Hiking from Velbert Langenberg to Nierenhof!

Finally I got two weekends in a row where I could organize a hike. This itself is not really a problem but in my absence Rahul is organizing hikes, and they tend to be a lot more challenging than the ones that I usually organize in winter. In addition, it was somehow unusually warm last week, so I decided to organize a relatively long hike this weekend.

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I guess the hike itself wasn’t such a bad idea, except for the conditions to consider in Germany: Whether and railway.

As the event was getting closer, the forecast got worse and worse, and in the end it started telling us it was going to rain the whole day (which was more or less true).

Then this morning our train got cancelled. As I was getting ready quite late, I didn’t notice that there was actually a conversation going on in the Telegram group trying to figure out what to do. The others actually decided to take an earlier train, which I missed. Apparently all those coming from Düsseldorf managed to take the earlier train, so I was travelling alone.

Right after I arrived in Langenberg, I found Rohith and his girlfriend. I decided to stick to them, so I could not manage to catch up with the others.

This area between the Ruhr and the Wupper is a weird place. It is somewhat green, but is also heavily cultivated, so that you would be in the middle of the nature, but you can also see the surrounding area very well (as there are not so many trees). Today, we were often covered by trees, but it was also not a massive forest, where it would have been complicated in a weather like today’s one.

I had a really hard time making a reasonable hike in the nature without making it too long. I have to say I did a great job in the end. It was a lot longer than the hikes we would normally do, but it really didn’t feel too long, and at the same time there were hardly any sections of concrete road.

One important reason why I chose this place today was because of the break. There’s this one farm in the middle which we have also visited 6 years ago. On that day, we had a brilliant weather. Today, unfortunately, it was raining all the time. Luckily, there was also space inside, which was not a restaurant, so we could simply eat our stuff there. I just had some nuts with me, but there were multiple shops with various foods, so I got French fries and a cup of coffee. The others had arrived 30 min in advance or so, but they all waited for me to finish my lunch. Despite the weather we were a group of around 15 people today. Quite impressive.

There was an egg vending machine in the farm. It’s just eggs, but it looks somehow special if they are in a vending machine.

The weather was just as bad in the second half. I’m sure that the landscape would have been great if it had been a little bit better. Well let’s see how it’s gonna be in the upcoming weeks. It’s almost spring. And I’m thinking about coming to this area more often.

There was obviously no ice cream whatsoever at Nierenhof. We just simply all took a train and went back home.

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