Weekend trip to Como!
Sep 30 @ 6:00 pm – Oct 3 @ 7:00 pm
Weekend trip to Como!

Hey! The high summer might be over, but it’s still so hot outside, why not enjoy this great moment in a special location in Italy? This time we are going to the North-Italian city of Como, which has beautiful mountains and lakes!

Here’s the (super provisional) plan:

Day I (September 30, Friday):

You can arrive some time in the afternoon in the city of Como. I booked 2 apartments with max 7 people, but currently I’m thinking to limit the total number of people to 10.

Day II (October 1, Saturday):

Hike and/or swimming, to be determined.

Day III (October 2, Sunday):

Hike and/or swimming, to be determined.

Day IV (October 3, Monday):


It’s going to be 110€ per person. As always, do not transfer the money yet!

Obviously this page is going to be updated so please check it up regularly.

List of participants:

  1. Felipe
  2. Kartik
  3. Cláudia
  4. Sakineh
  5. Gopi
  6. Sam
Christmas trip to Prague
Dec 22 @ 5:00 pm – Dec 28 @ 6:00 pm
Christmas trip to Prague

Hey! It’s Christmas again – greatest moment of the year, why not spend it with cool people in a beautiful city? This time we are going to Prague, to explore the city, celebrate Christmas and hike around the area!

There’s no specific plan so far, but we’ll certainly have something in the near future 🙂

For now, I got an apartment for 9 people, but I’ll put all those who are interested below. For now I booked it for one week (December 22 to 28) and it’s gonna probably cost 262€ pp but it might still change, according to what everyone thinks. I’m gonna finalise the list of participants around the time the German railway opens the tickets for the Christmas season (maybe in September?). Just let me know if you are generally interested.

(Provisional) list of participants:

  1. Felipe
  2. Sakineh
  3. Vitesh
  4. Kartik
  5. Madhuri
  6. Christine
  7. Mahnaz
  8. Ignacio
  9. Sam