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Hiking from Troisdorf to Siegburg and Christmas market!

Just like every year, the Christmas season arrived also for this year. “Just like every year” is of course only if we stupidly look at the calendar; we are back in the middle of another corona wave right now. For now, the government decided not to impose any particular restriction on the daily life, but let’s see how long it’s going to drag on like this.

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Anyway, since it is indeed possible right now to organise hikes and go to Christmas markets (in contrast to last year), I organised a hike from Troisdorf to Siegburg, where there’s allegedly one of the best Christmas markets in NRW. Also, since it got very cold the last couple of days, this was essentially the first winter hike of the year, meaning we won’t have real hikes anymore, but instead we will have cozy little walks.

In order to be able to arrive at the Christmas market when it’s dark, I set the starting time fairly late, which was somewhat difficult given the extremely short distance between Cologne and Troisdorf. Whether we expected it or not, at least the German railway cancelled our originally planned train, so we had a delay of 20 min.

Looking at the trail at first I had the feeling that it was totally flat. Yes it was quite flat, but not like here in the Düsseldorf area, where you can nearly see a horizon. There was a little, however little it was, of up and down, which you can certainly not discern on the photo above.

Today, there was this sign that was along the way for quite some time. It looks like Siegsteig or Bergischer Weg, but in a different color and the curvature is also slightly different. It was a really good one – does anyone know what it stands for?

We had a break in this small city called Lohmar. There was apparently a nice bakery where people bought really good cookies. I was cooking Momo this time, because we were having a Momo evening yesterday with Shrijal at my place and there was quite some still remaining.

I don’t really understand why, but somehow we were walking really fast today, so that we arrived at Siegburg around 1h earlier than planned. Well, then we were at the Christmas market, which looked a lot more complicated than the normal ones until two years ago. At least there was enough space inside and we could buy the overpriced Glühwein 🙂 Besides I had ice cream beforehand. How perfect is that.

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