Hiking report

Hiking from Wuppertal Vohwinkel to Sonnbron!

It was a really busy start of the year.

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After my first hike of the year, there were two things happening at the same time: the concerts of my orchestra and my girlfriend moving to my place. They both took away weekends, and it was simply not possible to organize a hike until today. So, I kind of very much looked forward to today’s hike.

As always I left the apartment last minute. This time it was so tight that I thought I was going to miss the train. I didn’t. What a great job.

Wuppertal Vohwinkel is so close. Just one stop for 12 min. Well, of course it takes more time because DB never allows you to travel on time.

I cannot remember when was the last time that I saw sunlight. Today was yet another day where it didn’t rain but there was also no sun. I’m just glad that the ground was solid enough.

We have hiked so many times around this area, and frankly I thought about simply copy and paste a previous hike, but fortunately I somehow managed to make a new one, even though most of the hike was coming from previous hikes. It’s anyway a nice area, so I don’t mind going there multiple times (besides it’s super close to Düsseldorf).

Initially I was planning to have a break at the restaurant, which is on the photo. However, we decided to have it right before it, because there was a nice area where we could all sit. It looks to me like most of the people actually don’t really care about restaurants these days.

I got a cup of coffee at the restaurant. They had only filter coffee, and the guy refused to put the coffee directly in my bottle and instead he poured coffee in a cup and then put it in my bottle, probably because he wanted to give me exactly the same amount as otherwise. We all live in Germany…

Today during the hike there was a huge discussion on the differences between different hiking groups. There is now a famous group in Cologne, led by a local German girl. I don’t know her personally, and I think she’s just a normal German person, but I hear also a lot of different things from people. Apparently she is very strict about registration and cancellation, and if someone cancels in the last minute, they get banned from the group.. It is funny to hear this sort of things, because in our group there’s no registration required, and people get complaints when they leave a comment for cancelling spontaneously. So yeah here there’s no number limit and also you can always cancel in the last minute. I still don’t really understand why it’s not like this in other groups.

Every now and then there were somewhat difficult places, like this one where we had to cross small streams. Fortunately there was nothing really difficult. And so I could fully enjoy today’s hike.

There was this weird tower towards the end of the hike. Since there was no official hiking trail around it, I was sure that it was not open. Indeed it wasn’t open, but there was one German couple sitting nearby and the husband explained us the history of this tower. This guy was apparently so impressed by our group that he decided to join the Telegram group. Let’s see if he’s gonna join one of the hikes in the near future.

There was obviously nothing at Sonnbron, but we spontaneously decided to take the Schwebebahn to go a few stops more, to go to a nearby Italian ice café. I got a waffle though, which is a weird ending, but it was nice to sit there for a few min more to talk with some people. Frankly after so many weeks without hikes, I was really glad to socialise with other people, and I’m also very much looking forward to the next events!

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