Hiking report

Hiking from Wetter to Annen-Nord

It’s been a few weeks that the situation regarding corona is worsening with a lightening speed. This week, the first actions came in place: Christmas markets in Bavaria cancelled, and lockdown for non-vaccinated in Baden Württemberg. There will certainly be more of them in the foreseeable future everywhere in Germany. While I did start thinking about cancelling whatever I can consider as unnecessary, I also think that we should enjoy important things that are still allowed. One of them is certainly hiking.

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This week, since I was planning to go to Bochum after the hike, I organised it in Wetter (although my plan got cancelled in the end). Today is Totensonntag, meaning anyway it’s more or less the beginning of the winter season. So it’s about time to start going to the Ruhr area, where the nature is totally artificial but still kind of neat.

Accordingly, we were mostly walking on streets at the beginning. At some point, we were in the forest, but it was clear that the forest was totally artificial. Except for the fact the soil was badly wet after the rain this morning, there was no difficulty at all.

Maybe because of the current corona situation, there were clearly less people today. For some reason there were almost only boys. Well, maybe it was only because of the weather as well, because while it didn’t rain it was still quite gloomy today.

Whenever we were in the woods we could see that it was an artificial forest here. We can see the history of the Ruhr area, in which the nature was badly damaged during the industrial revolution. Look at the alignment of the trees above.

We had a break in a place with no real name with a few houses and restaurants. As there was an abandoned building there, we simply had a break in their parking area. As always, I started cooking some stuff right away.

On the way back, we had a little bit of good weather today. Frankly, I’m super glad that we’ve had no rain so far after summer. What a wonderful year (despite corona).

Well, when we arrived in Annen we realised that there was no ice cream place open. The season is obviously over. At least there’ll be some hot wine from next week on, so let’s look forward to that.

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