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Hiking from Güldenwerth to Schaberg!

It’s a totally personal item, but this week the boyfriend of my flatmate is visiting Düsseldorf. So I thought it might be good for them to have a rather memorable hike. It’s not like the Neuschwanstein castle or the Brandenburg gate, but still I guess the combination of Schlossburg, which is the reconstruction of a medieval castle, and the Müngsten bridge, which is the highest railway bridge in Germany, is somewhat special.

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And this weekend, the weather helped us a lot – with up to 10 degrees with no rain, it was at least finally a bearable weather again. And so, it was not so surprising, when more than 50 people signed up in the telegram group for this event. The small train from Solingen central to Güldenwerth was all of a sudden super full when we got in, and became totally empty when we left it at Güldenwerth.

Those of you who have been following us for a long time probably already know that we have walked from Güldenwerth to Schaberg a few times. Somehow I still managed to create a trail today, although it was significantly longer than the other ones, and also wilder. This being said, this area is never really properly wild, so it was still easily manageable. At least we can consider today’s hike as the season opening, as we were doing only winter hikes until last week.

And so it was not surprising that there was one bridge that was closed. We simply crossed it nevertheless. I wonder how many times we crossed closed sections over the years. Nothing happened so far – let’s see if we’re gonna have a serious problem one day 🙂

There were some ups and downs on the way to Schlossburg, and we were only in the forest. This is the kind of well maintained forest that you can find around Solingen, which is quite different from the wild forest at Hagen. Well, it’s still winter, so it’s good that it’s somewhat well organized.

I don’t know how many people were there today in total, but there were a lot of new people. Some people needed breaks on the way, and apparently many of them also gave up on the way.

And so we had a break at Schlossburg. Whenever I go there, I admire the cleanliness of the public toilet there. I often wonder whether the toilet at my place is as clean as there.

We had a break for around half an hour. Many people walked around the castle and had a break everywhere, so you see maybe only half the participants on the group photo here. And when we restarted walking, apparently many people were simply left behind.

There are only a few bridges to cross the river Wupper (along which we walked today) between Schlossburg and Schaberg. Usually we take the first one after Schlossburg, but today, I decided to make a detour and take the one that’s next to Schaberg. In my original plan, we would have walked quite some distance, as we would have gone somewhat far from the river. However, we made an unexpected shortcut and ended up walking right next to the Wupper pretty much all the time. But thanks to this, we could see the temple on the photo above. Actually,, today I heard the history of this temple from one of the participants, who lived in Solingen. Apparently, it was built by a local teacher, who somehow had the means to build this temple, and another one that is right next to Schlossburg. Ever since their erection, there’s a kids choir group that celebrates his birthday. It doesn’t really look like it has that much space, but it might be interesting to see that on that occasion.

Right below the Müngsten bridge, when we finished the hike, we went to the café today. I guess I have been inside before as well, but I somehow remembered it as more something like a café, but it was more like a restaurant. Anyway, we stayed there maybe for half and hour and then took a train back to Düsseldorf.

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