Hiking report

Hiking from Wittbräucke to Wetter.

The winter is here now. There’s nothing surprising here. It’s just we were very lucky until last week, and it’s not quite the same anymore.

Well, it was kind of a good weather yesterday, but today around 8am it started raining and it never stopped. And just like every winter, it rained just a little bit, but the whole day. Yes, the winter came back.

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Luckily, I had anticipated this kind of weather today, so I prepared a simple hike from Wittbräucke to Wetter, with hardly anything complicated. The complicated part was actually the train journey – our train from Düsseldorf to Dortmund had a delay of 15 min, so that we almost missed our connection. In fact, there were apparently some people who couldn’t run fast enough (and obviously the German railway makes an impossible construction work forever with no clear indication of how to get to one platform to another), and there were visibly less people on the train from Dortmund to Wittbräucke. Good job, German railway.

I really didn’t anything beautiful today, but except for the first part, where we had to go away from the station of Wittbräucke, there was not so much asphalt on the way. And right from the beginning there was a good mixture of some trees and fields. It’s obviously not an adventurous trail, but it was a pleasant one for such a day.

There was a very long flat part along the Ruhr before the break. This part was one big reason why I didn’t want to organize this trip other than in winter, because otherwise there would be a lot of bicycles there. Indeed it looked like a cycling lane, and there were a few bicycles along the way. I’m sure that on a sunny summer day there would be a lot of bicycles.

On a day like today, it really makes sense to have a break inside. Today, as we had a break in Herdecke, there were plenty of possibilities. Some of us first had lunch outside, and went inside for a cake. The others were apparently in a pizzeria somewhere. It was great that we could sit in a warm place.

And accordingly, we were freezing when we went outside. Fortunately, we had a long upward path, and were warm a few minutes after the break. That was also where we took our group photo (I don’t have it though).

That was also probably the most beautiful part of today’s trail. It’s always great to walk along the Ruhr, as we are usually in nature, and have a great view over the river.

We reached Wetter train station a few min before the train arrived (actually we wouldn’t have been able to take it if it was arriving on time). No ice cream, but we also didn’t have to wait for the train. Perfect day, isn’t it 🙂

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