Hiking report

Hiking at Gevelsberg!

Welcome to 2018! And from my side, welcome back to the hike! Just as last year, we’ll also hike throughout the year in 2018. And hopefully, it’s gonna be just as successful as last year.

On couch surfing we were seeing more than 60 people who signed up. It’s not rare. After all, I’ve already seen something like 100 people once who signed up, but usually most of them don’t turn up. Maybe there’s something like new year’s resolution for everyone. And it might have been related to going hiking regularly. If not, it might have been because of the weather today, that there were mind blowing 55 people who came to the hike. I had the feeling that most of the new participants were German. Nice to see so many locals here.

We went to Gevelsberg some months ago (cf. this post). And just like last time, we quickly lost what we could call a “trail”. With so many people joining for the first time, it must have been a surprise to see such a hike, especially with this number of people. The number of people is not something I controlled, although the trail was not either…

Still, it was nice to see that no one gave up on the way. We all made it up to Voerde, where we made a small break. Like every other German city, it had a nice place in front of the church. As many of us and I did not have anything to eat, we stormed a nearby kebab shop who was run by a one poor Turkish guy who was hopelessly serving all of us at the same time.

In this great weather, it was just a little bit cold to eat outside, but otherwise there was nothing uncomfortable about it. December was just miserable this year. Great to see that now it’s not the same anymore. Hopefully it’s gonna continue.

From the break to the end of the hike was fairly straightforward. I must say, we were extremely lucky that it went smoothly with so many people. On the way, we saw a couple of locals who were obviously shocked to see so many people at the same time in such a small place.

Also, we were extremely lucky concerning the end of the hike, because there was a fairly large bakery at Gevelsberg, which we had actually already crashed before. In fact, the bakery was not particularly empty when we arrived, but somehow while we were ordering stuff, we managed to make it empty. Someday, we’ll certainly get a problem…

The trail can be downloaded from this link (kml-format) or this link (gpx-format)

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