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Hiking to Lennep and Wuppertalsperre!

It’s not so useful to talk about VRR or VRS anymore, but if there’s one place where it’s somewhat pleasant to swim in VRR, that’s the river Wupper and Wuppertalsperre, where I guess the Wupper starts. We have also been to the Wupper multiple times this year. Actually in one hike that Rahul organized there was the Wuppertalsperre included, where I appeared by bike with Amalia. It looks like the summer is kind of over, but still I wanted to go there before I leave for Greece for the rest of August.

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Maybe because it was kind of nearby, there were a lot of people who joined, a lot more then the ones who are on the group photo. Maybe the fact that it was not overly hot helped it also to a certain degree.

So when we left the train station, there was a very long line marching through the city center of Lennep, which is also a “kind” of nice historical area.

Looking at the map on Komoot, I was wondering whether it was going to feel like a real hike, because it looks like there’s a lot of asphalt, and there’s also hardly any up and down. I would say to a certain extent it was indeed a very easy hike, but I would say it was good enough for a relaxed hike today – there were trees everywhere, and the landscape was changing often enough. The only one thing that annoyed me a little bit was the number of bicycles along the lake. But ok it was kind of obvious from the beginning.

Then we had a break at the lake. I had my lunch on the way, so I could immediately go to the water. I rented a SUP for 10€ for one hour (that’s really cheap…). As the Wuppertalsperrre has a sort of star-shape, you can enjoy going everywhere. Maybe because the weather was not particularly good today, there was hardly anyone there. Maybe I should have taken my volleyball with me.

The others also joined some time later when they finished their lunch. We were going back and forth in the lake.

The break took way more than one hour, but apparently most of the people stayed there. The group photo was taken afterwards, so you can see how many really stayed.

Then we continued our way back to Lennep. The group was at some point so far apart that I could see only a few people around me. I talked to Tim, who is among us since 2017 but didn’t join very often in the last few months. It was nice to see a little bit (really a little bit) of up and down, but then the landscape changed somewhat.

We had an ice cream in the city center. Somehow the miscommunication made Amalia and me eat our ice cream alone in the city center. It’s a pity because it’s really a nice area to hang around with some people.

And this was probably my last hike this year which involved swimming. When I come back from Greece it’s probably autumn. Anyway I’m looking forward to exploring the area with my Deutschlandticket!

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