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Hiking from Essen Kettwig to Stadtwald

It’s still cold these days. The winter is here again, after a very warm period over Christmas. It is only fortunate that the weather is still somewhat stable. This being said, I still prefer cold to hot, because you don’t feel really cold if you are hiking. And in this regard, it was maybe actually great that it was cold, but the weather was ok.

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Today, as you can see in the title, we started walking from Kettwig. After I posted the event, I realized that there was already another event with the same name some time in the past. At the same time, there have been so many events in this area, so it’s hardly surprising that it happens. Well, it’s also a nice area near Düsseldorf, so I’m always glad to go there.

There was a train coming from Essen a few min after ours. Today, we decided to not wait for it. I guess they caught up somewhere on the way, although actually I don’t really know exactly.

I had the feeling that this was the first time that most of the old people really came back from their vacations or whatsoever. I saw a lot of known faces. At the same time, there were also quite some new people. It was a really good mixture today.

Today, we were essentially hiking inside the Ruhr area. There’s hardly anything beautiful in this area, except for this part along the Ruhr. There are a lot of trees and every now and then we could also a nice over the Ruhr.

There are a few restaurants around this area. We had a break close to one of them. Today, I brought my BBQ stuff again, although I prepared only coffee and tea. This time, I was a little bit better prepared and could make fire more quickly. Progress!

“More quickly” is still a relative thing: there was nearly no one remaining when I finished preparing the coffee and tea. I walked the rest of the hike with Amalia and a colleague of mine. Still, it was a nice place to walk – in the middle of the forest, which makes you feel like you are not even in the Ruhr area.

When we reached Essen Stadtwald, we realized that there was no train to Essen central. We took a taxi, just like a few weeks ago when we went to Essen Kettwig from Düsseldorf central, because what’s called the Mobilitätsgarantie promises that the railway company carries the cost in such a case. Three of us shared a ride, so for the company it wasn’t such a bad deal.

We went to a Chinese hotpot restaurant after the hike in Essen. I got stomachache afterwards…

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