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Hiking from Düsseldorf airport to Mörsenbroicher Weg

The cold waves come and go. And right now, after the warm period at the beginning of the year, we are experiencing a relatively cold period. It still allows us to refresh and feel better to still go out, but it makes a lot more sense to stay near the civilisation, where the nature is not too complicated. Today, therefore, I suggested a hike from Düsseldorf airport to Mörsenbroicher Weg, which is essentially a hike within Düsseldorf. It took us 5 min to reach the starting point from Düsseldorf Hbf. I don’t think we have ever had an occasion where we could start moving so quickly.

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There must have been a lot of people who have been to the airport by train. I guess for nearly everyone, if not completely for everyone, it was the first time to go anywhere other than the airport from the airport station. Yes, it is possible to go outside. And in the case of Düsseldorf airport it’s actually quite easy. Just get out of the platform and you’re already in the nature. There was quite an amount of snow lying at the airport.

Since there was a train coming from the opposite direction a few minutes later, I waited at the train station. Some people left earlier. And actually from that moment on I didn’t see some people anymore.

This is a vast flat area around the airport (which is probably also partly the reason why there’s the airport there). We crossed a forest, and went along some lakes, and we were still in the civilisation quite so often. Some people who joined for the first time must have been a bit disappointed.

Speaking of people joining for the first time, there were quite a few new people today. Part of the reason was probably because I started posting the events on Meetup again, because the organizer of one of the hiking groups allowed me to post my events there. So I’m not even paying anything. Great!

Last week, I bought this new gadget to make fire outside. So I prepared some food in the middle of the Grafenberger Wald. There used to be a restaurant there, but it’s closed now since 2018. I remember to have had a cake there before that. It makes me feel how long I’ve already been living in Düsseldorf…

And as I couldn’t make fire very quickly, some people left earlier. I stayed with a few people and made some tea. It was nice to have this tea in this cold.

There was a tiny little bit of up and down inside the Grafenberger Wald. I guess I’d be in trouble if I call it hike though :).

There was obviously no ice cream after the hike. We went to a café right next to where I live though. What a nice cozy day.

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