Hiking report

Hiking from Solingen-Vogelpark to Haan-Gruiten!

This week, the polar wind or Siberian wind was coming to Europe, so that it never goes above 0 ° here. And today was hit quite hard. The weather was extremely good, but it was extremely cold. Nice to know that winter doesn’t simply go away so easily.

We started at Solingen Vogelpark, which was not very far away from Düsseldorf. It was quite some time ago that we visited this area last time, as we often went farther, to Hagen or the Ruhr region.

Yes, some time ago, but this was also the place where we started, about a year ago. At that time, only Chaomo came via couch surfing. I forced my flatmates of that time, Alfredo and Théo, to come with us and we were four in total. Today, there were pretty much exactly ten times as many people.

This feeling popped up even more strongly when we reached the point where we had walked on that day. I still remember how I wondered whether to organize a hike again or not walking that way. I had to walk slowly to take a couple of pictures there.

As I already stated above, it was really cold today. So I did not even offer the possibility of having a break outside. Instead, we simply all went to Burger King on the way. As always, the place was hopelessly overcrowded with 40 people arriving at the same time.

Today’s hike had both fields and forests, but in the first half we saw a lot of trees and it was rather bare after the break. At least it was a little bit hilly.

We’ve been to Gruiten some time ago at the end of the hike (cf. this post). At that time, we simply sat in front of a kiosk at the station. In this cold weather, this was obviously not an option. After walking around maybe for 10 min or so, we found a café which had enough space for around 20 people who stayed after the hike. Great to see that such a small city also has a place like that.

The trail can be downloaded from this link (kml-format) or this link (gpx-format)

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