Hiking report

Hiking at Hagen Wehringhausen

I wrote last week that winter has arrived. Things didn’t change a lot this week. The only thing is that for some reason this weekend got spared. In such an unexpected nice weather in October, it wasn’t surprising that there were quite a few people joining.

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One thing is that now I have actually no idea how many people join, because I started sharing the event on Telegram and Facebook, and many of the people simply see the event on my website, so in total the WhatsApp group is a rough indicator, but I didn’t really think there’d be 40 people joining at the end today. Nice to see the dynamic coming back after corona now though.

Just like always, there’s the line between Düsseldorf and Cologne stopped during the fall vacation. Those who were coming from the Cologne area must have had a hard time reaching Hagen today.

Wehringhausen is a very small train station. Seen the proximity to Hagen Central, it’s almost a wonder that such a station exists. For us, it was a nice place to start, since it took only a few minutes to reach the forest. The residential area is already lying on a slope here, and we were steadily going upwards at the beginning, until we reached the tower above. It looked like it was usually open, but maybe because of corona it was closed today. Pity, since it could have been a nice highlight of the day.

When I speak of Hagen, I often speak of the Sauerland, because the landscape is really like in the Sauerland. Today, however, maybe because we were on the other side of Hagen, it looked a lot more like Bergisches Land, i.e. a lot greener and the forest was very dense.

Well, to be true, we have been to this area a few times. And today’s hike was not particularly meant to be a good one. As we found out, however, the trail was chosen perfectly, with hardly anything complicated and without concrete most of the time. Maybe my good impression was partly related to the good weather that we unexpectedly got today.

As always, we had a break at Hinnenwiese. Today, there were tables outside as well (which was never the case before corona). Just like everywhere in Germany, they obviously struggle to find enough personnel, so as I didn’t call anyone, I also couldn’t get anything :D.

This being said, it’s maybe worth mentioning that I got this new tool you see above on the photo. I’m not talking about the pot, but the grill below (which in fact you cannot really see on the photo). So this thing has solid fuel inside that burns for a few minutes. This allowed me to cook something quick. Today, I made scrambled egg, which worked out perfectly. So from now on I don’t have to order stuff at the restaurants to get warm food. To be honest, I don’t really mind spending money on the ordered food, but the problem often is that it takes forever for them to prepare the food, so that those having break outside the restaurant often have to wait for the people at the restaurant forever. With this new gadget, I can prepare food within a few minutes. How perfect is that.

After the break, there was just one barren area, which you’d often expect in the Sauerland. I took a photo just for the memory, but it doesn’t mean that this one represents today’s hike. Well, actually thanks to this barren area we had a great view over Hagen :).

Wehringhausen doesn’t have anything to offer. I was not really planning to stay there, but Alena found an ice cream parlour between Wehringhausen and Central, which I was actually not aware of (in fact I always struggle to find a good ice cream parlour in Hagen). And indeed it was a perfect one. If ever we go to Hagen again I guess it’s going to be the place to visit :).

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