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Hiking at Engelskirchen

When the summer goes to an end, the temperature gradually starts going down, so does the general weather here in Germany. Today’s weather somewhat announced the moment of transition. The winter is coming. Let’s see how often we’re going to see the sun this year.

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I had hoped that it would still be a good weather when I announced the hike at Engelskirchen, because it’s in the middle of Bergisches Land and is definitely one of my favorite areas for a hike. Well, the plan didn’t quite work, just as many things this corona year, although this time actually it was not related to corona :).

In addition to the weather, the train from Bonn to Cologne was apparently cancelled. As we were having a very large Bonn group these days, it also reduced the number of participants by a quite significant number. At the end, we were 10 people when we started hiking. Well, for such a horrible weather maybe it wasn’t that bad?

Engelskirchen is not a very large city. I’m relatively sure that there must have been a plenty of possibilities to leave the civilisation quickly. For some reason, it didn’t happen for some time. We were walking along concrete streets for quite some time. Actually this is more or less what happened the whole day today, as there was sporadically concrete appearing and not quite ending anymore.

There was this one tower appearing all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere. Nice to see this kind of stuff as well as a small highlight of the trip 🙂

While the weather forecast was quite gloomy until this morning, in the end it hardly rained today. I’m sorry to all those who didn’t join because of the weather forecast. Well, it’s Germany here. We never know when it starts raining.

We first had a break in front of this tower. Then we went over to the nearby city and had another break. In total I have the feeling that we lost quite some time today just for having breaks.

Actually I first had the feeling that there would be much nature after the break. I don’t know where this impression came from, but it turned out to be totally wrong. Again we were walking along large streets very much all the time. Only some time towards the end we entered a forest again.

The fact that the summer is now over could be seen in Engelskirchen as well: our usual ice cream parlour was closed. We fortunately found a different one, but in the future it’s probably going to be more and more difficult. It’s winter folks. Get ready for the next stage :).

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