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Hiking from Gevelsberg to Wetter

According to the new regulations, it is possible to form a group of up to 25 in many of the cities in North Rhine Westphalia. In a few of them, it was up to 100, like here in Gevelsberg and Wetter. When I started organising this hike, I didn’t really think the number was relevant – I was expecting maybe something like 10 people like yesterday. It was only when we arrived at Gevelsberg that I realised that there were something like 30 people. So good that I took Gevelsberg this time.

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As I’ve already mentioned in yesterday’s article, I left MeetUp during the lockdown. In the meantime, I created a Telegram channel and joined a FB group again. I knew that this FB group was not particularly active these days, but nevertheless there was a certain number of people who joined from there. I’m relatively sure that many people are not really paying attention to the group. After all, it’s kind of rare to check FB these days. So probably we can expect more and more people to join in the upcoming events.

Those who joined for the first time might have been expecting me to give a briefing at the beginning. Of course I didn’t do it, not only because of corona, but also because that’s how it has always been done before. I slipped through the crowd and started hiking.

The Ruhr area to Bergisches Land, from north to south, sees a somewhat sudden transitions across the Ruhr and the Wupper – The north side of the Ruhr is an inhabited area with well maintained green. The south of the Wupper is a rather thick forest. The area in between, where we were today, is full of fields. In a way it’s a unique area.

My initial lead disappeared fairly quickly when we entered the nature. There was a group of Indian people who joined for the first time, who were simply a lot faster than I. As they didn’t know that I didn’t have a place in mind where we could have a break, they simply kept going all the time. It was almost towards the end that I asked them to think about it. Fortunately today’s trail was anyway not too long, so I guess people made it quite well without a break. It’s true that there was no proper place like a restaurant on the way, but since there were fields everywhere, we could have stopped at any moment.

Usually people stop at the same spot as I do, but today I somehow managed to make them have a break everywhere. I had it with 2 more people in woods. Under today’s infinitely blue sky with 25 degrees, I was glad to sit in a cool area.

As the trail was fairly short today, we arrived finished quite early today as well. We first went to the ice cream dealer right in front of the train station, but those who had arrived earlier than I had already made a queue there, so Giampaolo and I went to a different one, which actually had a similar queue, and we waited more than half an hour … Good job Wetter.

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