Hiking report

Hiking around Gennebreck!

It was December 2017 that the weather was constantly bad. This year, January seems to have been badly hit. Today, we went to this fairly unknown region called Gennebreck, which perfectly lies in the center of the Ruhr region, so that it is fairly difficult to reach from any middle size city, with no railway station nearby. So for the second time since we started, we planned to take a bus from the beginning. Not quite the most comfortable means of transport, but with only 4 participants taking the bus to Gennebreck, it was not nearly as bad as I had feared.

This area doesn’t look particularly promising if you look at the landscape via google earth. In reality, the fields that look tasteless have quite some variation of altitude, so that it looks like the landscape changes all the time. Again, just like two weeks ago, we had to imagine the landscape with the invisible blue sky. A weather with radically only rain was rare, but so was it today.

There were a few places today where we didn’t know where to go. On the other hand, we were never completely lost either, thanks to the foresty paths which anyway didn’t really force us to follow one path.

We were probably rather lucky that the trails were not quite muddy all the way. The ones who didn’t have hiking shoes obviously had to pay attention, but there was no completely inaccessible area.

The only one problem we had today was that the restaurant in Gennebreck that I had spotted in advance turned out to be open only after 5pm. And there was no further restaurant in this area. Luckily, there was Julian, who’s been joining us for a few weeks now, was from Gennebreck and he invited all of us to his parents’ place.

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