Hiking report

Hiking from Essen Werden to Kupferdreh

Compared to last week’s hike today’s hike might appear somewhat boring, since it’s a kind of a region that we’ve been visiting almost regularly. But looking at this perfect weather, I really cannot complain about anything.

Essen Werden is actually not quite a train station that’s accessible by everyone. Whether you go over Essen, or you take an extremely slow train from Düsseldorf. Even though it was very close to Düsseldorf, it took an eternity to arrive there.

On the other hand, the great thing about Essen Werden is (firstly the name, but also) the great nature surrounding the area. Right after we left the train station, we were in the middle of a hiking trail. The snow that cannot be seen at all in Düsseldorf was still lying there. So nice to see snow on a sunny day.

There are a few outing destinations along the Ruhr. Today’s one was particularly a trail that would have been overcrowded if it had been in summer. Already today, we could see quite a few people on the way. At least we didn’t have to go through bicycles that certainly would be there from spring to fall. Still, Haus Scheppen, where we had a break, was fully working. Again, I’m really happy that we did it now and not when it’s warmer.

There were a few spots that were a little bit challenging today, but probably because of the ice lying on the way. Otherwise it was a really lovely area to explore without going much into mountains.

The trail of today can be downloaded from this map (in kml-format) or this map (in gpx-format)

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