Hiking report

Hiking around Bergisch Gladbach

After last week’s adventurous hike, it was nice to have a more relaxed hike today – it was in Bergisch Gladbach, which is one of the most relaxed cities in this region. There are other similar cities, such as Heimbach or Iserlohn. They are all at the end of their local lines, which looks like they are still existing because no one removed them.

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Well that might sound sarcastic, but in reality I’m more than glad that those lines still exist, because they are all truly amazing areas. Besides, it’s not very far away from Düsseldorf AND Cologne.

Regardless of this, there were not quite as many people as there could have been today. Well it’s winter, and even yet another corona winter.

From the train station we first went through the long and wide street of Bergisch Gladbach. It is truly a beautiful city. Then we were in a well maintained forest. There was no wildness like last time, a purely comfortable place. And frankly, at least at the beginning of the day, we should be very happy that the weather was fairly okay.

“Forest” is actually not quite the right term to describe the type of nature in this area. The very typical example is the photo above – maybe we should call it “woods”, an area where trees are neatly aligned.

A little bit of adventure was maybe also there. Well, not that there was much more than this tree though :).

I was planning to have a break in Herkenrath, but there was another nice restaurant on the way, where people decided to have a break. Just like every time, I cooked on the spot, drawing everyone’s attention nearby. When I first bought the cooking equipment, I didn’t really realise how much I’d appreciate it in the winter. With the temperature dropping drastically these days, I could feel how much warmth this thing actually brings.

Apparently we were following a very regular hiking trail at the end. There was no difficulty whatsoever. When we reached Bergisch Gladbach, we realised there wasn’t much time left, so we quickly took an ice cream, ate it on the way and took a train back to Düsseldorf. It was at 5pm that we reached Düsseldorf today. What a quick day.

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