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Hiking from Wuppertal-Vohwinkel to Neviges!

This summer is quite difficult to understand. We’ve been going through a roller coaster which this week reached maybe its lowest point, which was rather fortunate, since today’s hike wasn’t so deep in the nature. Well, not so deep in the nature, but still this is a nice area, which we didn’t visit for quite some time. This is mainly because this line S9, which connects Wuppertal and Essen, is an almost strangely pastoral line, which offers quite a few great hiking paths, so that we visited the area so often at the beginning that there was almost nothing remaining anymore after the first year. I can’t really remember how today’s trail popped up, but anyway it was time to come back to this area again after quite some time.

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Vohwinkel just one station away from Düsseldorf, we could depart quite late this morning. Even though this station is relatively large, the civilisation of Wuppertal is really only along the river Wupper, so that we could enter the nature fairly quickly.

But compared to the south side of Wuppertal, the north side has slightly more infrastructure, so that we were never really completely in the nature today.

There’s this one very nice café at Aprath, where we have been to in a past hike. Last time it was in the middle of winter. Today, it was in the middle of summer. And somehow it was relatively warm last time and today it was relatively cold. We’re living in a weird world.

The last part went along the highway. Even though we did not see it all the time, we could hear the German cars dashing all the time.

Well, at least Neviges was a nice place with this extremely weird church. The ice cream parlour we used to visit two years ago was at least still there 🙂

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