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Hiking around Ennepetal

We had never hiked in Ennepetal, for a good reason: there was hardly any hiking path. I didn’t care about it before, but then as the number of hikes increased for Gevelsberg and Wuppertal, the hole in between was more and more visible. Almost only for the sake of making the hole smaller, I created a hiking trail there. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how good it was going to be, that I didn’t quite as much surprise as we encountered today.

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There was this RRX train going from Düsseldorf to Ennepetal. It was nice to hike nearby after having hiked far away consecutively. For the people from Bonn, the train got cancelled. I’m sorry that most of you didn’t make it today.

At the beginning it looked like the trail was quite regular today. I was thinking that they should really create a new hiking trail around this area.

Not so surprisingly, we found out that firstly part of the trail was going through a private area. And that’s something absolutely impossible in Germany. Fortunately it was easy to find an alternative there (even though we had to go along a concrete street for some time).

And then things got really bad, when we reached the area that Komoot considered as inexistent. As it turned out, it was even closed off. “Closed off”, but it was not legally binding, so we simply decided to enter the area anyway. After all, this kind of stuff happens often in Germany and there’s usually no consequence attached to it.

This time it was different: We’ve had quite a few adventurous hikes before, but this time it was a real acrobatics + it was just for a few meters, but a significant chunk of the trail. After a difficulty followed another difficulty, and every time I wondered how many people would join the next time.

Some people were apparently actually even excited to see such an adventure. To be honest, I was, too, but then towards the end of this forbidden area I was starting to pray that it goes to an end. When it did, I just hoped that it wouldn’t happen again today, and luckily it indeed didn’t. Thank God it had an end.

We had a break in Voerde, where we had a break in a hike of a few years ago (January 2018?). At that time there were maybe 60 people. This time it wasn’t even half of that. But in the end it was probably good that the group was so small.

The weather forecast was super unstable today. It was actually quite okay from the beginning to the end. It started raining really towards the end, when were only a few hundred meters away from train station. Thank God it didn’t start raining when we were doing Indiana Jones.

There were most probably ice cream parlours in the city of Ennepetal. But frankly I was so tired at the end that I was simply glad to go back to Düsseldorf. What an adventurous day.

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