Hiking report

First hike: Hiking around Haan!

I am writing this text two years after we actually did this hike. There was no report remaining from that time, because at that time this was just one single event that happened to take place on a random Saturday.

When my flatmate in France, Adrián, first talked about the idea of going hiking, I thought why we should ever do an activity meant for old people. It didn’t take much time for me to realise how wrong I was. Some time later, I found out that open street maps were freely available on smartphones, with quite precise details everywhere in the nature. The set up was complete. I only had to organise a hike on CS.

With quite some expectations, I put the first event on CS when I was about to move back to Germany from France. Near my new city, Düsseldorf, there’s a small town called Haan, where a hiking path was posted on wanderwege-nrw.de. In fact, I put the first event on CS even before I moved to Düsseldorf.

Some people signed up, but then everyone left the group by this morning, except for this one guy, Chaomo. In order to make it more lively, I took my two new flatmates, Théo and Alfredo, with me.

I could load the trail on my phone in the kml-format offered on the website above. I could not really come up with a place for a break, so we simply had lunch outside. The snow that started falling down on the way stopped briefly.

Even though regarding the number of participants, it was certainly not a success, but I must say, the activity of hiking itself is still quite promising. With a really good feeling, we went back home. There’ll be a few long weekends and carnival following in the next weeks, so I’ll organise the next one probably some time in March. There, I’ll see whether it’s really worth organising more often.

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