Hiking report

Hiking from Essen Werden to Kupferdreh!

Things started to become serious again. No idea why, but for some reason the number of infections started skyrocketing again.

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The problem was, because of this, other groups cancelled their events, so that many flowed into my group, making the total number of registrations somewhere around 60. That’s a very large number.

At least since it was taking place in Essen, many of us didn’t have to take the same train. It was only when we got out of the train that the group became really large. Just like every time, I didn’t even say hello to those standing at the train station. I simply dashed through the train station and started the hike. This time I gave a warning before hand, so people must have expected it. I was apparently walking so fast that even Bogdan was saying it was too fast. But still there were a few people who walked with me. Anyway I could split the group, brilliant.

I’m very sure that if you look at a map or a satellite picture, you won’t believe that we were hiking today. This is a great thing about Essen – you move a little bit towards the Ruhr from the city center, and you can already find beautiful nature there. Why don’t we have something like this in Düsseldorf. Anyway, throughout the day, we were walking inside forest pretty much all the time. And along the Ruhr, it’s also not quite as flat as elsewhere in the Ruhr area.

We were planning to have a break at this one hotel called Heimliche Liebe, which sounds somewhat weird, but when we reached another restaurant nearby, Zur Kluse, where we had been before. I remembered that it was quite nice last time, so we ditched the idea of going to the place which sounds like a love hotel or something and we stayed there. Sorry if some people didn’t realise that we stopped there. The staff also didn’t complain about the fact that we were having our own lunch there, although I still ordered a cup of coffee. Frankly, since we were only staying in their garden, I don’t think they should be complaining anyway as long as we order also some stuff, but still for the German standard it’s extremely rare. In the end, what happens often is that we are forced to have lunch in the middle of nowhere and the restaurant doesn’t get any revenue. What a weird place we’re living in.

Well, we walked past Heimliche Liebe and I have to admit that that place looked also quite nice. Maybe next time.

Summer is really over. I wouldn’t say it was warm last week, but today it was really cold, and the trees are getting different colours. Even though I like winter, it still gives a sense of nostalgia. Well, whatever that is, the real nostalgia might actually come from the fact that we are entering a very different winter from what we’ve ever known.

The end part of today’s hike was indeed more like a winter hike. Doesn’t matter, Kupferdreh is anyway a nice place.

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