Hiking report

Hiking to Gerresheim!

When you think of Ruhr region, you may think of the densely populated cities and extremely narrow apartments. In reality though, this city, Düsseldorf, offers quite a lot of nature, without going so far away. This time, we went to Gerresheim, which is still a part of Düsseldorf.

Two days before, Thursday, 3/2/2017 in the evening.

Nicola: “Are you sure that you want to organize it? It’s maybe going to rain”

There’s this thing called weather forecast, which has no meaningful utility in this region, because they will most likely say 50% risk of precipitation. In short: it may rain, or maybe not.

Saturday, 3/4/2017, on the hiking day, you could see in the sky that it might rain or maybe not. This unpredictability of German weather will beat the UK referendum or the US presidential election.

A great thing about organizing an event like this on CS is that you can expect at least one or two people who know the place. This time, it was particularly the case with Nicola, who used to live there for a while, and Tareq, who lives there. I just simply say “let’s go” and someone else will know where to go. So perfect.

In the end, it did not rain. The cool thing is that so many people turned up this time, which ended in a huge success.

Next time, we’ll go to Ratingen, for which I’ve already created an event on CS, which you can find here. See you there!

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