Hiking report

Hiking @ Mülheim!

Today, we went to Mülheim, which is right next to Duisburg. This was pretty much the first time that it was somewhat far away from Düsseldorf. The problem was I misspelled the name (I wrote MüHlheim) and obviously it created a lot of confusion, especially also because there was another Mülheim (although it’s the same spell as the one we visited) right next to Cologne. So good that I happened to indicate that it was right next to Duisburg.

We were something like 21 people this time, almost like last week. I was actually expecting the number to drop, but so far it is staying somewhat stable. Anyway there are always new people and old faces at the same time. My guitar was also there this time (well it was there last week too, just it was not used). There’s this great song, Libre, which I learned from my former flatmate, Adrián, although I never really sang it when I was in Lyon. There’s another one, Viva la vida, which for me was also Adrián’s discography and I never sang in Lyon either. Both of them saw a big success today. However, in this multicultural group, it was difficult to find people who could sing Aladdin or the Beatles (the lyrics was there). I really have to figure out what to take next time.

Next week we’ll go to the south of Wuppertal, which right next to where I lived 13 years ago when I first came to Germany. For the Easter weekend, I’ll have to figure out what to do. Maybe I’m going to organize a hiking session to look for hiking paths.

Today’s trail can be downloaded from this link (kml-format) or this link (gpx-format)

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