Hiking report

Hiking from Langenberg to Neviges!

There was a drastic change that we were experiencing about the weather. Last week, it was predicting sunny weather, but it started telling us it would rain today. In the end, it was cloudy but it never rained. Maybe I should still note that Clara was not with us this time, and it was raining in Bochum, where she was.

We already hiked from Langenberg to Neviges recently (cf. this article). Shortly after this hike, I made another trail, which is completely different from the one that we did before. This region is simply amazing so I’m making a lot of trails right now.

These days, it is colder outside in the night than in the fridge. And accordingly, it is not particularly warm during the day. I’m expecting the number of participants to start dwindling, but still there were around 30 people. For the next week’s hike, there are already twice as many people, so maybe people don’t really care about the temperature.

Today’s hike consisted of two parts, between which there was a strip where I could not really find a path. I took one that looked more or less okay. And basically, it was not okay. We were trying to go through a horse path, which was extremely muddy (and I don’t think that it was accessible to outsiders). So for the first time in a couple of months we had to go back. It felt like a humiliation.

Indeed, the other path went through a main street, but the second part was just as great as the first part.

There’s this restaurant called Haus Nickhorn, which I found in the Internet. Since it was in the middle of the hiking trail, I was thinking about having a break at this place. And perfectly enough, it was closed, because it was broke recently and the new owner is opening the restaurant from November 15th, just two weeks to go (by the time you’re reading this article, it’s probably open). So we simply stayed nearby. The great thing was they allowed us to use the toilet. So nice people.

We have already been to Neviges, as I wrote above, but there were local sightseeing spots of Neviges that we did not visit last time. In particular, there was a castle and a very weird church. We saw the church from outside once. And it looks really weird. From inside it looked essentially the same. Regarding the fact that the churches look almost always the same otherwise, it’s nice to have something like this, too.

We went to the same ice cream parlor as last time. Just as perfect as last time, although it was a little bit cold this time outside.

The trail can be downloaded from this link (kml-format) or this link (gpx-format)

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