Hiking report

Hiking from Hagen-Westerbauer to Heubing!

You might have noticed that we did not go to Hagen for quite some time now. The reason is simple: we went there too often. So I waited a few weeks until today to make everyone forget Hagen, which today obviously did not work, since there were only slightly more than 20 people signing up for the event.

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But partially it was also due to the distance and height difference, as you can see on the map given in Komoot. It obviously did not hide the tag “difficult”, which is certainly often the case in Hagen, but for the first timers it might have sounded too much. So in the end, I might have lost both the old ones and the new ones at the same time. Well, why not try out a hike with a low number of participants?

From the train station of Hagen-Westerbauer, where there was no one waiting for the train, and only one person got off the train except for us, we went directly into the mountain, crossing the “city” which was a thin layer of some civilization. This is a great thing about Hagen. You get off the train and immediately you are in the middle of nowhere. We might have been lucky that there were not so many people joining us for the first time, as a deadly uncultivated slope popped up right at the beginning.

Even though the nature around the Hagen area is perfect for hiking, it is always quite difficult to find a place for a break. Today, I could find only one place, café restaurant Plessen, which was actually fairly far away from Westerbauer, so that I had to make the hiking route as short as possible, which resulted in a really wild path towards the beginning. I was myself not really sure if I could make it. Again, so good that there were not so many people joining us today.

But actually after the up and down right at the beginning, the rest was pretty okay. It was certainly not flat, but it was nicely hilly as hikers would love to see it.

Before going to the restaurant, I made sure that they were working today. Well, “they were working” was almost a relative thing, since a cup of coffee required one hour. Nevertheless it was a lovely place, also because they allowed us to have our own lunch inside the property (I mean, we could have simply done it without mentioning it at all; they certainly won’t have noticed it).

Going back to the train station was really comfortable. Today, overall, it turned out to be a really good one except for the first part.

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