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Hiking from Wetter to Herdecke!

It’s been a few weeks now that there’s this extremely heatwave elsewhere around the northern hemisphere, while here in Germany it looks like summer is already over. It was already clear when I was organizing the hike at the beginning of the week, so I decided to make a nearby hike which would be ok even if the weather is bad. And so, I created this track from Wetter to Herdecke.

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This being said, Wetter is not bad at all. It is actually a pity that there are not so many train stations around Wetter and Witten, because we could have a lot more beautiful hikes around there.

It is relatively common in July that there are not so many people, probably because many are on vacation or maybe finish their studies. On top of this, there was this horrible weather forecast, so it was not at all surprising that there were merely 10 people today.

So, as I stated above, today’s track was meant to be rain tight. That’s because I thought there were many asphalted sections. It is true that it took some time to get out of Wetter, but we came into this forest at Wetter relatively quickly, and we barely saw civilization after that until right before the break. In fact it might have been a bit complicated to walk in this area if the weather had been bad. So in this regard, we were probably really lucky that it didn’t rain at all today. Actually not only it didn’t rain today, the weather was quite good the whole day, as you can see on some photos.

I made an extra turn before Herdecke, because the hike would have been too short otherwise. I was fearing that it would be too ugly, but in reality it was quite ok. There was just this small section where we had to walk along a main street, but otherwise we were mostly in the forest.

And so we had a break in Herdecke. I would say it’s a medium size city of NRW. As I said, it was meant for a rainy hike, so it was a total overkill for this weather. We simply sat somewhere inside the city. I took an overpriced salad.

In the rest of the hike we were essentially walking along a similar path as the beginning. To a certain extent we could say that it was a great view, but the surrounding area was not particularly beautiful. Pity. But ok otherwise the hiking track itself was quite ok.

Today, again, there were a lot of berries along the way. And again, there were almost too many of them to get whatever was available. Maybe it’s indeed good to have a plastic bag or something.

As we arrived in Wetter, we directly went to the nearby ice cream parlour. There we lost one unlucky guy as he went to the toilet, because the rest of us decided to take the train. Sorry for that! The ice cream was not particularly good either anyway XD.

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