Hiking report

Hiking around Wuppertal Vohwinkel

Wuppertal is probably the nearest area from Düsseldorf, in which we can see some hills in the nature. When I was planning this event, I thought it was going to be my last event before my trip to Portugal, so I set something very close to Düsseldorf to make it attractive to many people. As it turned out, there’s actually one weekend remaining, and also the weather was horribly bad today. So I’m sort of glad that this one was not the last one (although I’ll organize hikes anyway after my trip to Portugal, so it’s not really a huge deal).

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This morning, as I waited for my flatmate, we had to run to the train, catching it in the very minute it was supposed to leave. What a story – well not quite, as the train stayed at Düsseldorf Hbf for no obvious reasons for 10 min more. I was fighting to catch breath. Thanks German Railway (as always).

The city of Wuppertal lies in a valley along the river Wupper, so if you go in the direction perpendicular to the river, you can fairly quickly reach the nature, which was very much the case today.

This area, Burgholz, is a very small patch of forest in Wuppertal. I’m glad that it was large enough for me to create a map here, because it’s still a beautiful area.

The weather forecast was saying it would be only cloudy today. It kept raining pretty much all the time until the break (and a bit more). I was wondering whether it was really cloudy in Wuppertal but it was raining where we were. It happens sometimes that the weather is different in the city and the mountains around Wuppertal. Crazy.

Since we were not necessarily following an existing hiking trail, it was a bit of adventure every now and then. It looked like that here above.

If you look at the Komoot map above, you can see that it says the trail was difficult. Regarding the distance and the general terrain, it was fairly ok. There was, however, just one place where it was extremely steep. I knew it was coming, but decided to leave it like this, because there was also an easy workaround nearby anyway. I was of course looking forward to it and took the path as it was planned. I guess around half the people took the workaround. We saw them during the break again.

I forgot to take a photo, but we had a break where we took the group photo above. There was also a restaurant on the way, but apparently these days no one goes to a restaurant.

It stopped raining at some point after the break. We could almost see the blue sky, which we could actually see when we reached Düsseldorf. Anyway my flatmate and I took the sky train before going back to Vohwinkel. Then some of us went back to Düsseldorf to have ice cream. Perfect!

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