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Hiking from Dahl to Rummenohl

While I really like the VRR area, I have to admit it mostly consists of rather friendly easy places – except for this area, Hagen. It’s because it’s the fringe of the mountainous area called Sauerland , where the nature is sometimes seriously wild. We’ve already been there several times, and we’ve seen quite a few different things. I chose it a bit on purpose, since we’re going to have a quite challenging hike next week.

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We crossed this funny station of Dahl and also the town, then entered the forest fairly quickly. It’s a bit of a reminder that this area used to be much wealthier historically.

Throughout the day, my initial concern turned out to be irrelevant: There was hardly a place where it was even slightly wild. On the other hand, there was a long asphalted road at the very beginning, endlessly going up. I really didn’t mind it, because it was not a path for cars either, but if you want full nature, you might want to avoid this path.

We had a break at Breckerfeld. We’ve been there once (I remember that it was a horrible weather last time). I chose this place because it has a few possibilities for a break. With corona still overshadowing the hikes, I really wanted to make sure that there’s something.

Just as always, this area, Sauerland, was badly affected by the dryness of the previous years. This time, again, we were going through barren areas with obviously no plan for a reconstruction so far. Of course no one wants to leave it there like this, but with the community not having enough money, I wonder what it is going to look like in the coming years.

We’ve been to Rummenohl a few times. There’s essentially nothing there (please someone start a new business there), so we had our traditional ice cream back in Düsseldorf.

Oh and we had our first group photo in a year or something. Isn’t it nice to have it again?? 🙂

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