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Hiking from Solingen Schaberg to Schlossburg!

There’s this area around Solingen and Schlossburg that I visit very often. It’s because it’s fairly close from Düsseldorf, has beautiful nature and gives some tourist attractions, namely Schlossburg and the Müngsten bridge. I even chose it for the 100th hike. This time, there’s no particular occasion, but since there’s also a possibility to swim in the Wupper, I chose it, even though the heatwave is now largely gone here in Germany.

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There was one guy coming from Bochum, who was already travelling on the S1 that we were supposed to take from Düsseldorf. When the S1 arrived in Düsseldorf, he somehow decided to look for us, and then he missed the train. I always thought something like this is in principle possible, but I saw it happen in reality for the first time.

At Solingen Schaberg, I realized how large the group actually was. Fortunately there was Rahul guiding the group in the front, and a lot of people already had Komoot, so things were very easy for me.

There’s hardly any nice area around Düsseldorf, but from Solingen on to the south, there’s a beautiful forestal area. It is truly relaxing to be there. It might have been a bit overkill today, because the weather was already so moderate, that a slightly less pleasant walk would still have been a great one.

There are these random pavilions around Schlossburg. From what I heard these were constructed by a school teacher some years ago, who also wanted school kids to give a concert every year for his birthday. Well, I don’t know whether it’s true or not, but I’d love to see the choir here.

By the time we reached Schlossburg the group was fairly far apart. The site itself was largely under construction, and there were also quite some shops that were closed. But still there were a lot of options, and this view over the nearby area was still there.

After the break we had to take a long path inside a residential area. This was maybe not really necessary. But then we could have a nice walk through the forest.

At the end, we stayed at the Wupper, right below the Müngsten bridge, which is the highest railway bridge of Germany. It was not very warm today, but it was still nice to relax next to the river after the hike.

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