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Hiking around Hagen

It’s March, the first month of spring. So finally after a few months I created a hike which looked like a hike. This area, Hagen, is the only one place in the VRR area which can be considered mountainous, although depending on where you come from you might still want to oppose this claim…

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Anyway, as the level went up to a certain extent, there were also quite some people less today at the hike. Maybe also partly because it was somewhat far from major cities.

Hagen is definitely one of those ugly cities built in the rush after the war. I like it a lot, but I can also understand when people want to see beautiful medieval German architecture, it might be a little bit disappointing. We simply walked through the city very quickly to reach the outskirts of the Sauerland, which is the mountain range that goes up to Kassel ? It’s not particularly impressive, but still it’s somewhat mountainous, so why not.

It’s a pity that the beautiful day like the one last one was gone today. It actually even started raining every now and then.

Almost right at the beginning, there was this one tower. I guess it was just a coincidence, because I don’t think I was paying attention (and as a matter of fact, there was one more tower nearby, which I didn’t include). Anyway, since it looked nice we took a group photo there.

Compared to the southern side of Hagen, this Western side of Hagen is a lot more like Wuppertal – the nature is really well organized and there’s no bad surprise. For this weather it was a comfortable hike in the forest all the time. At the same time it might have been interesting to have a nice view over the Wupper (?) though.

We had a break at Hennewiese, which is one of very few restaurants in this area in the nature. I stayed actually outside, so did most of the people. There was a nice park area right in front of the restaurant.

There were a few fields on the way back to Hagen. Other than that we stayed in the forest pretty much all the time. At some point the sky looked somewhat brighter, but we couldn’t see the blue sky anyway. The spring is almost there, but not quite there yet!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for an ice cream in Hagen. I got a simple one at the supermarket inside the train station. There’s no good ice cream in Hagen, but maybe next time!

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