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Hiking around Remagen

Some weeks ago I promised that we were going to be able to swim in every session. This week, however, it was somewhat cold, and there was quite a chunk of people missing because they went to Slovenia. So I decided to organize a relatively regular hike today. This time it was around Remagen, which is a beautiful area right next to Koblenz.

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The fortunate fact for us living in Düsseldorf is that we can take the RE5 to go there directly. In addition, we didn’t really have a delay this morning. Well, we could have actually had a delay today since we were not changing trains (and I would have preferred to not have it a few weeks ago when we went to Abenden).

As you go along the Rhine you can already see that the landscape changes quite significantly from NRW to Rhineland Palatinate. The train stations are all in the valley. So almost as soon as we left the train station we were going up a hill, but it was already green, so I don’t complain.

This week was the first one in weeks that the weather was not particularly good. Today’s weather was I would say somewhat ok-ish. I mean we can definitely not complain about it considering the weather here in winter though. At least there was no rain at all.

In the beginning there were some concrete and fields, but then there were quite some forests and vineyards for the entire day. I was expecting a bit more vineyards, but maybe we have to go a bit farther along the Ahr to see them.

There was just one path that did not exist in the first half, but there were also plenty of alternatives, so it didn’t really matter.

Today, even though there was a possibility to have a break in the city, we decided to have it on top of a hill. The view was just a lot better from there. At some point there was so much sun that I was almost burning.

Just like last week, there were some berries on the way again. Fun thing to do in early summer.

There were some viewpoints every now and then. Sometimes it was really a nice view over the Ahr, so I really liked it.

There was one train coming when we arrived in Remagen. Instead of taking this one, we went to the Rhine and had ice cream. It wasn’t the best ice cream, but it made the day complete!

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