Hiking report

Hiking from Ronsdorf to Schaberg!

Being optimistic is a good thing, to keep up the spirits, but this time, the weather forecast was right, for the first time after quite some time. It rained. Quite a lot. Me, not quite believing what they were saying, did not take an umbrella, which I should have, especially regarding the fact that somehow my passport was in my backpack.

But it looked quite similar among those who came today. Not many trusted the weather forecast, maybe it has been like this for quite some time. But at the same time, it is not that surprising that they did not trust the weather forecast, because probably only those who did not trust it came today. Maybe also because it wasn’t raining until we took our first train. And the situation deteriorated very quickly. We were observing heavy rain from the train.

During the first half of the hike, the situation never got really better. Hikes in Wuppertal are a bit cursed after having done another one during a snow storm around half a year ago. And Wuppertal is relatively hilly, so that we don’t really like to hike there when the weather is bad. Somehow, Stefan and Nikola were there today, too, just as at the last snow storm session. Not bad they still came today.

Just as last week, my app did not work today. So just as last week, I could only follow Cláudia and Stefan. I had essentially no idea where we were going. The problem of smart phones is of course when there’s too much rain, it doesn’t react on the fingers anymore. It is just horrible to have to wait in rain without being able to show where to go.

By the time we were having a break, quite some people had given up and took a bus to go back home. We decided to stay in a nearby city, where we had lunch quickly outside (under the roof in front of a closed shop) and we went to an Italian restaurant. I got the feeling that the waiters didn’t particularly want to have us there but they did not deny our entry either. Nice to be inside in a warm place.

The situation got much better after the break. Even though we could not see the sunlight, the rain stopped. I’m pretty sure that today’s hiking trail would have been really beautiful if only the weather was good.

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