Hiking report

Hiking around Meschede

Today was the day 2 of the Sauerland weekend. So, essentially I’m staying at my friend’s place at Möhnesee over the weekend and I decided to organise a hike nearby. Well, against my initial expectation, where I thought it might make it super easy to reach the hiking place, it turned out that the train connections were so bad in the Sauerland that I ended up having to take a train even earlier as well as more expensive than if I had stayed in Düsseldorf.

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So it was only when we arrived in Meschede that I could see the entire group. As it turned out, there were only boys. It’s somewhat common that there are more boys than girls, but I guess it was the first time that there were more than 10 people and there were only boys.

After the train station, we went through the city center. Essentially from this weekend on, it is possible to eat out without restrictions. Maybe because it was still early, but there was hardly anyone there. Apparently even if it’s allowed again, it’s going to be difficult for both customers, because they somewhat lost the habitude and because the rules are complicated, and shops, because they dismissed their staff.

There was a long upward slope at the very beginning. Today there was no reason for me to stretch the group apart, but during this slope some people fell behind so badly that they actually never appeared again. I wondered what happened to them.

Today, after a few rainy days, it was quite misty at the beginning. Fortunately it didn’t rain at all, even if the sky was entirely covered during the day. Just like yesterday it was quite moist and fairly warm.

As we walked ahead, there was a location where the path I created actually didn’t exist (which was right before Wehrstapel). We simply took a detour and found a nice place for a break. There was a large field surrounding us there. A perfect place to have a break in summer :).

In the end we didn’t have a break in Wehrstapel, where I planned it at the beginning. We simply went ahead.

And again, another area where the dryness destroyed the landscape here. How can people simply leave stuff like this?

On the way back to Meschede, there was a milk vending station. We stopped and got some fresh milk. Actually I was rather thirsty but since there was only milk I simply got half a litre of milk and drank it down quickly :).

Bogdan said he has never liked the Sauerland so far. And to be honest I don’t really either, especially regarding the fact that it’s not even easy to reach. And today as well, even if the weather had been much better, I’m relatively sure that I wouldn’t have liked the trail anyway.

Well, but at least the German railway changed the system recently and it is now not so expensive to go to the Sauerland anymore, so I guess we’re gonna see a few more hikes in that area this year. And who knows, maybe we’re gonna encounter something truly fascinating. Let’s look forward to such a moment.

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