Hiking report

Hiking at Rummenohl

After a quite miserable weekend, we were expecting another rainy weekend until a few days ago. Fortunately this time, the weather forecast made a dynamic turn until it announced a clear blue sky for Sunday. I was twice as anxious as the others, since we were going to Hagen this time. And Hagen is really not funny when it’s raining.

I talked about the problem with maps.me. I now figured out what was the problem and managed to create an extra programme that converts a normal kml file to a maps.me-compatible file. So finally after a few weeks I had the map. Nevertheless, the guide was done by Cláudia.

Right after we left the train station, it went quite uphill. And the place offered a great view over a valley, which might not have a name but it was a great place. The newcomers looked impressed by the view, probably thinking it is always like this whenever we go hiking. They’ll never know that I was myself quite impressed…

There was just one train per hour from Hagen Rummenohl. When we were about 500 m away from the train station, I noticed that the train was coming in 6 or 7 min. Those who were in front went quickly to the train station, but some of them obviously didn’t see it. We held the door, somehow no one complained. We must have created a delay of a few minutes for that, but luckily everyone managed to enter the train.

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