Hiking report

Hiking around Kall!

It’s been more than two months since I organized a normal hike in NRW. I remember it was quite cold the last time, and now it feels like summer. I have to say it was good to be away for some time, because I was this time looking forward to hiking again.

And in the meantime, there’s now the Deutschlandticket which got introduced at the beginning of this month. I wasn’t thinking about buying one, but in the end I did so, and since I did so, it must also make sense. Kall is not very far from Düsseldorf, but still I had to buy a ticket to go there before, so my very first hike using the Deutschlandticket!

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If you have been following me for some time, you certainly know that the Eifel, where Kall lies, is by far my favourite region in NRW. Early summer is also the best time to explore the area, as the leaves are flashing green. In addition to all this, we were having a brilliant weather right now in NRW. A great day ahead of us.

After corona ended, a lot of hiking groups popped up. Accordingly, this group became also somewhat smaller. Anyway, we were maybe something like 20 people today. Still a good size. The train journey went also according to the plan. Quite a perfect day isn’t it?

Kall is definitely one of the biggest cities in the Eifel, but still it took only a few minutes to get out of the city. It felt like we were in the forest right away. But then the landscape also changed constantly. Sometimes were in the forest, sometimes in a large field. There were also a lot of animals to see. What a great area.

I don’t really know how people get to know about this group, but there were quite a few people joining for the first time today. At the same time, some old faces, like Mehrbod or Rahul joined for the first time after a long break. It was a funny mixture.

There’s this railway line that connects Kall and Hoffnungsthal, which is not in service anymore. I always wondered what it looks like. Well, it looks pretty bad right now. Before the storm of 2 years ago, it was still used in the summer, and hopefully it’s gonna come back some time in the future.

There were some parts along the way where it was somewhat difficult to follow. Actually those were caused by Komoot. But there was no severe problem.

We had a break along the river in the city of Schleiden. We were in a relatively large field, while there were also possibilities for the people to go to restaurants. Such a perfect place. Besides some people could even enter the water (including me). It was quite cold, but it was now nicely cold. It’s summer!

Going back to Kall was just as beautiful as in the first part. Also now is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the brilliant green color of the new leaves.

In addition there was ice cream at the end of the day. How perfect is that.

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