Hiking report

Hiking from Wuppertal Steinbeck to Solingen Schaberg

I cannot even remember when was the last time that we hiked fully inside the VRR. It’s still the good old VRR, and I’m really glad that we’re back again.

Well, the fact that it’s nearby doesn’t necessarily mean that everything goes smoothly. Our train from Düsseldorf to Wuppertal got cancelled. Fortunately, there was another S-Bahn going to Wuppertal right after the original one. Amazing. And it took also less than 1h. It felt so weird to have such a short connection again.

Maybe because the travelling distance was so short, that there were really a lot of people today. We didn’t have a proper group photo, so you don’t see all the people at the same time, but I guess there were well more than 30 people.

Today, we were walking along the Wupper from Wuppertal to Solingen. There are not so many nice rivers in the VRR, but the Wupper is one of those where we can actually swim inside. It’s also a really beautiful area – pity that there are not so many train station in this area.

As Wuppertal lies inside a valley, we had to walk a few minutes to get out of there. But then there was a massive (well, relatively) forest, which continued more or less throughout the whole day today.

Besides we had such a wonderful weather today. Where is the usual October? Apparently it’s also going to be a mild winter this year. How perfect is that.

I was planning to have a break in a restaurant, but there was this platform which looked kind of perfect for a break, so we simply stopped there.

The restaurant I was thinking about was also full of motorcyclists. I have nothing against them, but they tend to be kind of very wild so I’m also somewhat glad that we didn’t have to be there. The restaurant was also hopelessly overcrowded. Well, it was also such a perfect weather, and this was pretty much the only one place around there, so what else could you expect.

The second half of the hike was much shorter, and we were at Schaberg around 3pm… It’s incredible how early you can finish when it takes place inside VRR.

But then we stayed in Solingen to have an ice cream. Perfect!

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