Hiking report

Hiking from Troisdorf to Siegburg and Christmas market!

It’s Christmas time. And with the Christmas time comes the Christmas market. There are some of them which I know are really good, and one of our favourite is this one in Siegburg. We go there almost every year. There are always a lot of people, but compared to the really famous ones I find it still nice in terms of size and also for the stuff that they sell.

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Anyway, I decided to hike there from Troisdorf, because this morning I was also travelling from Göttingen, where I saw my old friends from my university time, and there was an ok connection from there to Troisdorf this morning.

Well, the plan didn’t quite go according to the plan, but I still somehow managed to join the team at Cologne, where they were also about to miss the connection. Today, we were slightly more than last week.

There was a small market at Troisdorf, which we went through. The nature started right after the city, and I have to say it was very beautiful right from the beginning.

There was a small area at the beginning with deers inside. I don’t know if it was open to public. Anyway a few photos for instagram 🙂

We also got a rather great weather today. It was snowing quite badly in the morning in Göttingen, but here in Troisdorf it was still very cold, but it was dry and super comfortable to walk.

Among the 15 or so people that joined today, there were only one or two new people. New people these days join from Meetup, which is a funny thing to witness because it’s almost dead in Düsseldorf.

We had a break at Lohmar. I was told that there was a great Indian restaurant there, but it was unfortunately closed. Today I had canned soup, and I heated it up there using the same metallic lunch box that I used for the first time last week. It was such an amazing purchase. Some people went to a café nearby while we were staying outside, and I have to say I started freezing.

There was a small hill right after the break. It didn’t really look like a highlight of the hike, but I thought it would give us a bit of up and down. That was very much the case, but to be honest even without that part I didn’t have the feeling it was totally flat today.

Today’s hike felt somehow very short. Maybe it was also partly because it was fairly flat. When we arrived at Siegburg, we also thought about going to the castle for a moment, but as we were all excited about going to the Christmas market, we simply went there. It was this time really extremely crowded, even more than in the previous years. Anyway, we got this super expensive Glühwein (now 4€!!!) and also had this huge piece of pork.

We stayed at the Christmas market for quite some time. However, somehow we decided to take a train in a very abrupt manner, leaving quite some people who should have joined us to Düsseldorf there and ran to the train station. At least we managed to take the train with those who ran with us. God it was tight.

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