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Hiking from Sonnborn to Ronsdorf!

After a few weeks of horrible Sundays, finally we got a short break. However short it is, this Sunday was entirely spared. God bless today, since this one was not meant for a rainy weather.

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But this amazing weather was not immediately connected to the number of participants. We were less than 30 people, although the entire group was never together at the same time. Maybe because the temperature simply went down so much these days. I’ve been telling the summer is over for quite some time, but this time it’s true. Yes, now it’s winter.

In this regard, I planned this hike fairly well, since this was what I’d call the first “winter hike” – it is not quite about hiking, but it’s more about spending some time outside in the nature. Over the coming 10 hikes or so, we’ll be roaming right next to civilisation. That’s life. On the other hand, this hard season will enhance the delight in spring.

It took us only slightly more than 20 minutes to arrive at Wuppertal-Sonnborn. Bogdan was particularly happy that we could reach the destination so quickly. It’s true that in winter, we don’t have to go very far from Düsseldorf, because we don’t have to get deep into the wilderness, although for this reason it now makes very little sense to come from very far away.

Even though Sonnborn was a very small station, it took us quite some time to leave the civilisation. Well, we were not hiking in the city, but highways were going right next to us for quite some time. But then when we left it, it was silent immediately. What a relief.

There’s nothing wild about the south of Wuppertal. In this perfectly planned nature, you’ll have a hard time understanding how it connects to Sauerland. But this is exactly the right place for a winter hike. Especially today, under the shining sun, it was truly pleasant to walk along some forest paths.

I was really busy taking a lot of photos today. It’s rare in this area to get a really good weather in autumn. On the other hand, this color yellow to orange color spectrum is something we can have only now, and that’s also exactly what people expect when they go hiking in autumn. So I had to harvest a lot of photos for the banner images of the upcoming events.

Appropriately enough for a winter hike, we had a proper break in the middle of a city called Hahneberg. There were a few possibilities of eating inside, even though it was not particularly necessary today. This was probably the bad management of the day; while some people went to cafés/restaurants, those who stayed outside wanted to continue walking, so that the group became significantly smaller after the hike. Anyway, I just wanted to say that there were a few more people than on the photo above.

Fortunately, the second part was slightly more challenging (and more interesting). I was not really expecting hills in this part, but it was never entirely flat till the end, but it was easily accessible everywhere.

And we arrived in one of my favourite cities, Ronsdorf, where we had ice cream just as always. How can we finish a hike without this, even if it’s winter now 🙂

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