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Hiking from Moselkern to Löf

High summer is here. I can’t even remember when it was that it rained last time (except for the short rain on Sunday). Apparently the real heatwave is coming at the beginning of next week. In this regard, we are somewhat lucky that it stayed only sunny and hot, and not very hot.

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After the hike two weeks ago, when we were supposed to hike near Koblenz, which in fact took place without me, as I was in quarantine, I was quite badly looking forward to coming to Koblenz, because this area starts flourishing splendidly in this time of the year, with the beautiful vineyards under the brilliant blue sky. Besides so far all hikes along the Moselle have been so utterly amazing.

This morning at 8:30. I was standing at the platform with Sarah, along with the crowd of people who were occupying the platform to the level that it was nearly impossible to go from one side to the other. Luckily, we could still sit in the entire journey, in our coach, but apparently some parts of the train were so crowded that it was not even possible to close the doors.

After the train ride with a pastoral view along the Moselle, we started from Moselkern, which was not even a city, so we were in the nature very quickly. But as you can see in the map above, there was a quite significant slope at the beginning. But at the same time we could have a nice view over the Moselle, making us look forward to going higher and higher.

However, there was a section at the beginning where we had to follow a street without pavement. Even though there weren’t many cars, it was not very nice to walk there either.

In the first part there was some clouds and also a lot of shadows, so we didn’t have the feeling of being burnt, which would probably be very much the case elsewhere in Europe right now. We had this kind of platforms where we could see the Moselle and also a bit of vineyards nearby. Well, to be true I was expecting a bit more vineyards in this area, but ok it’s still nice to see green forests, in contrast to what we saw last week in the Harz.

There was a slightly complicated place right before the break. Why not – a bit of adventure should also be there.

Some people started having a break somewhere on the way. I went farther and had a break in Hatzenport. We sat on the riverbank of the Moselle. A really nice place to have a short nap, which happened for many of us :).

After the break, the sun was burning really badly. There were some shadows, and we were relieved whenever we could see them. Also some slopes were pretty hard. I kept more than half of water for the second half, but it went away fairly quickly.

You can see the last hook on the map above. Before doing it, we still had something like 1h to go for the train. Some people decided to go to the train station directly, because they were afraid of missing the next one. Some of us did the whole track, because I was 100% sure that we would be able to make it before the train arrived. And indeed, we made it before the train, and I have to say it was a really nice forestal part for this weather.

There was nothing in Löf, but also we didn’t have much time to do anything. Instead we had more than 30 min in Koblenz so I got an ice cream there. Perfect!

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