Hiking report

Hiking from Honrath to Overath!

I always knew it could happen. But I never thought it really would. And this time, it did. I feel so stupid about it.

This week, I was so excited about my new program, that retraces the trails according to the databank on OpenStreetMap. And then, I didn’t have much time to think about the hiking trail. At the same time, there has always been the problem with the platform I’m using, called umap, which sometimes simply showed an older version of my map. Whenever it happens, it could essentially overwrite the version in between. It has happened a few times, but then I also noticed it fairly quickly. This time, however, not only I didn’t notice that it happened, but also I didn’t notice that this was a hike that we did only a month ago. Luckily for me, I changed it a little bit (even though only a little bit), so at least I didn’t go against my principle that we don’t do the same hike twice. Another fortunate thing was that there was hardly anyone today that had joined a month ago (except for Chris maybe), so most of the people didn’t know what was going on (or maybe people noticed that it was nearly the identical hike and therefore they didn’t join…)

Download kml / gpx

So I simply skip most of the description – simply read the old one :).

One difference today was the break: I chose a place with a restaurant. A nice cosy German-Italian-Indian restaurant, where owner indeed looked like he was from any of the three countries mentioned.

Oh and I should probably mention one more thing: I’m now fully vaccinated (and 2 weeks have passed), so wherever I go in Germany, I’m not going to be part of the restriction in number. So I decided to take a group photo for the first time in such a long time. Doesn’t it look great? 🙂

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