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Hiking from Hennef to Siegburg and Christmas market!

There are a few famous Christmas markets in NRW. They are mostly outside of big cities. Today, we hiked from Hennef to Siegburg, because Shrijal specifically requested the Christmas market there. We have actually been there twice over Christmas, although last year there was so many restrictions that I couldn’t fully enjoy it.

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Hennef is inside the Bergisches Land, but it’s on the edge and can be reached easily from Cologne central. So we took a train relatively late today, although we could still start the hike before noon.

It is still extremely cold these days. Actually so cold that the garden outside of my place becomes white in the night. I was really glad that there were some people who were willing to navigate today. My hands were solidly in my pockets today.

So obviously, it was yet another winter hike. As you can see on the photo above, we were very often walking on an asphalted road. And as you can see on the map above, there was hardly any up and down either, but just enough for the hike to not be boring. Compared to the fact that we walked over 17km, which is actually fairly long for a winter hike, I’d say we had a fairly good hike.

There’s this lake called Wahnbachtalsperre, which is a potable water source and therefore not accessible. I drew a rather violent path to reach the lake. Well, for someone who wanted a real hike it might have been today’s highlight. Anyway it was a beautiful area, especially on a not rainy day like today.

We had a break next to the city of Heide. There was a restaurant, apparently a super expensive one, which was anyway fully booked. So most of the people went to a nearby bakery, while I stayed outside, because I wanted to prepare some tea.

We walked through this peaceful forest with not particular characteristics, with nearly no one around us.

The Christmas market was hopelessly overcrowded. We took our group photo there, but there was really hardly any light. Maybe because of the energy crisis, or maybe because it had anyway always been supposed to be a medieval market, but this year they really made it dark. Anyway we got a huge sandwich from this pork. Shrijal looked happy after that.

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