Hiking report

Hiking from Velbert-Neviges to Wülfrath-Aprath!

At this point, maybe I should make it clear that I organize these events because anyway I go hiking. In this sense, it really does not matter whether other people are coming with me or not, because I just simply go my way. However, still I enjoy talking to new people and it’s a shame that I can’t talk to everyone, especially when there are a lot of people there. Imagine there are 40 people. If you talk to every one of them for 10 minutes, it takes at least 6 hours and a half.

With this in mind, I decided to simply organize two hikes this week, also because we had a long weekend here in Germany and I didn’t really have any other idea.

I don’t know whether it truly split up the people who may all have turned up on Sunday, but there were much less people this time, namely 18. It might have been because people were travelling or maybe they were having a party yesterday or whatsoever. It doesn’t matter. There were anyway less people. And I’m glad that I could talk to all of them, especially because I know that there were people who already came several times and still I hadn’t talked to them.

Today’s path (cf. map above) was a part of what is called Neanderlandsteig, which makes a round hiking trail near Düsseldorf. Essentially we had to follow the corresponding tags on the trail. In the sense that I didn’t have to check my phone to know where to go, it was good. On the other hand, we lost the way at least 10 times. You might be wondering what it was like for me as an organiser. Well, not quite surprisingly, no one made me responsible for that. Actually no one has ever made me responsible for anything so far. I don’t really understand why people often say they don’t want to organise anything because they don’t want to take the responsibility. I mean, these people are much cooler than that.

People might be cool, but it was not particularly the case concerning the weather. It was actually even hotter than last time. The fact that there were forests and fields may have been even worse this time, because the sun was unbearable when we were in the field. Probably I should organize a hike that includes a lake or something like this in the future. It’s just difficult/impossible to know in advance whether it’s going to be hot or not.

The trail can be downloaded from this link (kml-format) or this link (gpx-format)

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