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Hiking from Bensberg to Overath

When we went to Marseille last week, it felt like it was all of a sudden the summer in France. Now it starts arriving in Germany as well. Quite impressive considering the fact that we were hiking in the snow only 3 weeks ago.

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This morning, I still had the day ticket from yesterday, which was somehow valid until 10am today, so I simply travelled to Cologne before that and waited for the others. It allowed me to save 7€. That’s not much, but still not nothing :).

As we were anyway changing trains at Köln Messe/Deutz, which is apparently considered as the same train station when it comes to the price setting, most of the people joined from there. From Köln Hbf there were only a few people, but luckily I could still get a ticket and travel for free.

Overath is almost a standard choice for me around Cologne. It’s still very close to the city, but there are hills starting there. It’s also a good example of what the Bergisches Land looks like. Well, I mean it’s not a particularly impressive area but a nice place for a quick outing.

It didn’t take much time to leave Bensberg to enter a green area. Here it is a rather well maintained area. There are trees, but they are well aligned, and there are also nicely organized trees. We were following an established hiking trail, but we could have probably virtually taken any path.

There’s this particular colour of green in the spring, the light green when the leaves first appear. It was all over the place today. It’s true that not everywhere is perfectly covered with the new leaves, but I really enjoy the first blossoms of the year.

At the same time, just like everywhere in the Bergisches Land, today we were often walking along an area with dead trees on the way. Now apparently there’s the plan to put wind turbines in those places, but really they must do something about it here. It just looks so sad.

Just like everywhere in Bergisches Land, there were also a lot of farm lands on the way. It was a bit like a tourist attraction to see so many animals. These city people.

We had a break in this small city Immekeppel, where there was one pizzeria. We simply sat in a small park along the Main Street. Just like last time, I had my picnic blanket with me. Again, it’s so nice to be able to use this stuff again.

Well I said it was a standard choice, but it doesn’t mean there was no adventure at all. There were some random trees lying around on the way as well, even though I also have to admit that it was really within reach to everyone.

There’s just one thing I didn’t particularly like about this hike: there was a lot of concrete. Obviously we were mostly in the nature, but considering the fact that it could be a wonderful area, I guess I could have made it a bit better (although I recently realised that we had a lot of concrete years ago when I started organising these hikes, so in this regard it’s more like a relative thing).

There was one ice cream parlour in Overath. It’s summer!

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