Hiking report

Hiking from Barmen to Oberbarmen

It’s not like there’s something really impressive in VRR. It’s just there are really a lot of people living here. Together with the really good weather forecast, there was really nothing that hindered the growth of the group.

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There is this one area of Wuppertal, which has essentially no official hiking trail, but almost every path can be a hiking path. I discovered this some time ago, and since it’s so easily accessible from Barmen and Oberbarmen, I kept it for the winter. As we entered November, I thought it was the right time – well maybe not quite, but still it’s a super nice area and I guess we really enjoyed being there.

Essentially there’s this grass field hill. There are a lot of people with dogs, but for some reason there were not so many bikers. More of them appeared rather towards the end of the hike. With the temperature nearing 20 degrees, it was so lovely to walk in such a beautiful area.

There were some of the oldest participants today. At the same time, there was a fairly large fraction of people who joined for the first time. It’s so nice that in this group we can see both old and new faces at the same time.

There was this super high bridge right before where we had a break. This one looks actually even higher than the Müngsten bridge. How is it possible that it’s totally unknown???

There was a super posh restaurant on the way. Some people apparently went inside, but I don’t think anyone ate something there. I had hoped we’d find a good place nearby to picnic, but this turned out to be more complicated. People simply went to different places and their own breaks. In the end, there were only some people on the group photo above, all the others were elsewhere. But still it’s a big group isn’t it?

There was some mixture of field and forest today. Towards the end, there was a long forestal path. I hoped at the end of this path we’d be able to have a full view over Wuppertal, but unfortunately it was behind the trees. Maybe in the middle of the winter, when the leaves are not there anymore, we might see more.

There was no ice cream, and we essentially went back to Düsseldorf directly. What a pity. Well, I had a Greek coffee personally (not that I liked it a lot though XD)

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