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Hiking at Rummenohl!

There’s this thing called winter. Even though this is the warmest region in Germany, it could be cold and nasty. Today was particularly the case, which also somewhat destroyed the beauty of this region, Hagen. We were hit particularly hard, as it did not rain at all this week, until yesterday. Then today, pretty bad. It’s almost part of the story that it rains on weekends.

But the real tragedy might have been the fact that it was actually not cold enough for the rain to turn to snow, which would have been something we could have expected in Hagen, where it is common that it snows even when it’s only raining in Düsseldorf.

Nevertheless, just as last week I’m pretty sure that today’s trail would have been wonderful if only the weather had been better. There were several different scenes with fields and forests. Just as everywhere in the south of Hagen, it was quite hilly and we could have a great view every now and then. Really a pity that we did this hike today.

According to komoot (v.s.), this trail was supposed to be an expert one. I’m not sure based on what the website thought it would be particularly challenging, but talking about today’s weather, there were a few locations where the stream merged with the trail. I had fairly expensive hiking shoes, but still my feet were partially wet. There were a few people who came in sneakers. They must have suffered a lot…

One reason that I took this trail in winter was because there was this small city on the way, Breckerfeld, which I thought would in any case have a place for a break. It did. It was a small Vietnamese restaurant, in which we apparently managed to expel everyone who was inside. Well, this was not the first time that this happened. Anyway, we could have some warmth inside and just as in every Asian restaurant it was fairly cheap (I often wonder how they can manage to offer food at so low prices).

At the end of the trail, we found out that the path given in the map didn’t really exist. Out of the Sunday fun hike, we made quite an adventure. There was one guy who had to slip at least three times.

This train station, Rummenohl, has a train only once an hour. Luckily, we arrived at the station exactly on time. There’s a hotel in front of the train station but if I remember well, they work only around noon and in the evening. The only one warm place nearby would have been a small Sparkasse cabin (a small ATM station). Good that we didn’t miss that train…

The trail can be downloaded from this link (in kml-format) or this link (in gpx-format).

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