Hiking report

Hiking around Rummenohl and Glörtalsperre

When weather gets bad in Germany, it really does. This week never saw a reasonable weather. And today, it rained almost like half of the day. And as always, there were still people who joined. No idea what people expect.

We’ve been to Rummenohl several times before. As this is the last stop before VRR ends (at least along this line), it is also like where the civilisation ends. You get out of the station and you see one long street and a few houses, then the forest starts. It took merely a few hundred steps to enter the nature.

According to Open Street Maps, there are a few paths to go west from Rummenohl. Some of them do exist, others don’t. The one we took today was more like somewhere in between. Quite obviously, it was a long time ago that someone entered that area. In today’s wet weather, it was not the most pleasant way to go, although at least those who followed me must have been able to see a “path” to press on.

The fact that the paths were not well defined did not change much after the beginning. But fortunately, we were then going under trees, where it was at least fairly comfortable to walk.

The rain got stronger and weaker every now and then. By the time we arrived Glörtalsperre, where we had a break, it was getting clearly stronger. In this sense, we arrived there exactly in the right moment, even though I still had to have my lunch outside quickly under the eave, which was just enough for us to avoid rain.

It was nice to watch the rain inside the cozy restaurant there. I ordered a piece of cake and a cup of coffee, which made it look like we were not even going outside anymore. Well, the reality came back quite quickly though – it took around 2 hours and 10 min to arrive at the restaurant, which was pretty much the half point. And the train was leaving every hour. So it would make sense to have a break of either 40 min or 1 h 40 min. An 1 h 40 min break would be fairly long, although 40 min would be quite cramped. Still, we decided to go earlier, even though there were protests among us. Well, the correct way to say this is maybe rather “I went”. It’s not like everyone was supposed to follow my decision. At least now I know why it is so tight whenever we come to Rummenohl. We’re apparently following the same schedule every time.

The weather got slightly better on the way back. There were people who started playing frisbee, but I simply continued moving. The landscape was actually quite pretty, but because of the weather it was simply not as photogenic.

I was quite optimistic about the train. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach it quite as comfortably. At the end, I could catch the train with no problem, some of them had to run, and there were the unlucky 6 people who didn’t run and missed the train. At least in contrast to last week, I told everyone to hurry, and if they had indeed a little bit hurried (without even the slightest hassle), they would have been able to catch the train. So I decided not to wait for them at the train station. Sorry guys…

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