Hiking report

Hiking around Hohenlimburg

I’m not going to say that it was particularly comfortable at the end of last year. The fact is that it has been particularly uncomfortable from the beginning of this year. What I mean is of course the weather first of all. Today, in this regard, things got much better. But then again, they didn’t: The coronavirus started having sweeping effects on the daily life here in Germany.

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Well, the problem is that so far, they shut down all schools, but they haven’t really made a clear decision, which made it very difficult for me to decide whether to go or not today. Italy, China, Spain and the UK brought rather clear instructions. Why can’t Germany do the same?

So, initially I was not expecting many people to appear, but then as it turned out, many people didn’t have anything else to do, so that they came to the hiking event in the end.

The train to Hohenlimburg was extremely empty today. An entire coach was effectively ours. And even though the train was completely empty, German Railway still managed to have a significant delay, and they apparently also erased the train that would have followed. We arrived in Hohenlimburg with a significant delay as well. Good job.

I must say, we can be very happy to have done today’s hike today, as the weather was the perfect one for the first spring hike (which is to emphasise the contrast to the winter hikes). It was certainly not easy today, but we had really great spots every now and then, something we couldn’t quite see for a few months.

As you can see on the komoot window, there were a few steep spots every now and then. Some steep ones were really steep. It must have been a shock for those who didn’t hike a lot in winter (i.e. for most of them).

We had a break on top of a hill, where there was an endless field in every direction. I still don’t understand why there are sometimes so perfect fields, which are quite obviously not used for any particular purpose. But whatever the reason for its existence was, it was a great place. We could also play frisbee and volleyball (although it turned to be somewhat complicated with the presence of a dog).

I must say, today’s hike was even better than the usual ones we have had around Hagen. The thing is, the nature around Hagen is often very wild, but today, we were walking along quite comfortable paths. Not that they were well maintained, but they were certainly more like real paths than the ones that we often see in Hagen. In this regard, it was probably a good one just after a winter break for many people.

A particularly good one as well, because we could enter a nice cozy café at the end of the hike. The great thing was of course, the café was about to close (café am Markt, open until 5pm every day), but they let us in anyway. Actually we’ve been here a few times before, and every time we did essentially the same. The great thing is that the other customers were essentially gone or about to go, so that the entire café was for us.

On the way back home, we got the news that the German railway would be reduced significantly in the coming days. Well, let’s see if I can continue organising the hikes anyway.

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