Weekend trip to Koblenz!

June 26, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – June 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Hey! Finally we can travel. Then let’s do so! This time I’m proposing a hike around Koblenz with an overnight stay at the beautiful youth hostel in a medieval castle!

Download kml / gpx

Here are a few things already in planning: We arrive in Koblenz probably individually in the evening of June 26 (which is Friday). Hopefully we can then have dinner together. Next day, we’ll take this train:

  1. Dep: 09:44 Ehrenbreitstein Bahnhof, Koblenz (Bus 8)
  2. Arr: 09:57 Hauptbahnhof, Koblenz
  3. Dep: 10:06 Koblenz Hbf – Platform 9 (RE 4108)
  4. Arr: 10:18 Kobern-Gondorf – Platform 2

Then we’ll hike along the Moselsteig as indicated in the map above. I’m not sure about Sunday, but maybe we can still try to hike along the Rhine, which is something we already did some time ago, but since the weather was horrible last time I guess it’s still worth doing that again. Edit: Zaman suggested to go to a nearby lake and chill. Fine by me as well.

The hostel costs 50€ per person for two nights, breakfast included. Don’t transfer the money yet.

List of participants:

  1. Kartik (Köln)
  2. Cláudia (Düsseldorf)
  3. Zaman (Düsseldorf)
  4. Sam (Düsseldorf)
  5. Inna (Duisburg)
  6. Lea (Dusisburg)
  7. Sarah (Essen)
  8. Viola (Witten)
  9. Christoph (Witten)
  10. Rohith (Dortmund)


  • Sam

    Hey Meysam, thank you for your message, but unfortunately the last spots got occupied right before you wrote me the message. I’m going to organize more events like this one so I hope I’ll be welcome you next time.

  • Maria Udovychenko

    Hi Sam,

    me Maria (Köln) and my friend Sylwia (Münster) would like to join you on the hiking to Koblenz. How can we register?

    Best regards,

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