Hiking report

Hiking to Neandertal!

As some of you may already know, whenever I organize something, it never rains. This magical power was unfortunately not as strong as what would be required to stop the bad weather in Germany. So, today, after two sessions with great weather last week, it rained. Until the previous day of the hiking, the weather forecast never changed. Still, as I had announced that I would be at the railway station anyway regardless of the weather, I thought I just simply go there only to confirm that no one is there. Well, this assumption turned out to be quite wrong: on the previous day, I created the WhatsApp group for today’s session, in which I made it clear that the weather forecast was predicting rain. There were these two energetic girls, Maria and Clara, who immediately replied they would come. It’s apparently an international thing that girls are more active and outgoing.

With Maria towing the entire group on WhatsApp, 13 people showed up. I must say if it was in France no one would have wanted to go hiking on a rainy day like this. Here in Germany people probably cannot quite care about it anymore, because it is just always like this here. Anyway, in the end it did not rain so much. I may have regretted not going there if I had canceled the event.

I still think that a nice thing about these hiking sessions is that it’s not an automatic weekly event, so that nothing has to repeat every time. Still, a basic pattern has been apparently somewhat formed: we start hiking at around 11am, we have a break between 1pm and 2pm, essentially whenever we can. Then we finish at around 3pm and go for a beer to enjoy the last moment. Isn’t it nicely German?

The trail can be downloaded from this link (kml-format) or this link (gpx-format)

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